What is a Retreat?

A retreat is simply time away to be with the Lord. It is a deliberate movement into sacred space and sacred time, to BE rather than to do, to quiet down and rest our bodies, minds and souls. Retreat is YOUR time to focus on your relationship with God. Through conferences, prayer and solitude, we invite you to reflect more deeply on what God is doing in your life right now.

The retreat is conducted by the Retreat Team and includes both scheduled conferences and gatherings for prayer and Eucharist, along with personal time for rest and reflection. There is also the opportunity to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation and to meet with one of the retreat leaders, for those who wish. There will be times for silence and times for conversations. The retreat is primarily an experience for the individual that is shared in the company of others who desire to grow in their faith.

Programs We Offer

Parish Weekend Retreats

Retreats feature inspiring preached conferences, Eucharist on Saturday and Sunday, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, private conferences with staff members, specialized gatherings on specific themes, and ample personal time for prayer, reading and rest.

***PLEASE NOTE: You are not restricted to just your parish retreat weekend! You can attend ANY weekend retreat.

Please check the calendar of events to see the schedule of retreats!

Questions? Contact 916-725-4720 for information

Seasonal Retreats

Although the majority of retreats offered by Christ the King throughout the year follow the theme for that year, the Retreat Center does have a nice offering of other preached seasonal retreats. We offer days of prayer in Advent and Lent, one day Bereavement Retreats, Silent Directed Retreat, Veterans Retreat, Ash Wednesday day of prayer, New Year’s Eve Retreat, Triduum Retreat, Family Retreats, Married Couples Retreat, etc.

Check our EVENTS PAGE for the upcoming Retreats.

Recovery Retreats

Join us for a weekend of reflection, prayer, and conversation about the freeing power of forgiveness; a weekend with friends, companions, and allies in our sober lives. A retreat creates a special period of time for prayer, silence, rest, simplicity and contemplation. It can be both a “time out” from life’s daily stresses as well as an opportunity to deepen one’s experience of self and the universal energy that surrounds and supports us Newcomers and “old timers” are most welcome! Retreats are led Popular Recovery retreat presenters priests, religious and Lay people. CLICK HERE to register for a Recovery Retreat

Engaged Couple Retreats – Click HERE

Christ the King Institute for Counseling and Spiritual Direction

COUNSELING SERVICES with a Christian perspective for individuals, couples and families

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION for anyone seeking to deepen their faith journey with God

Evening appointments are available
Counseling is offered on a sliding fee scale
A donation is requested for spiritual direction

Christ the King Institute
Christ the King Passionist Retreat Center
6520 Van Maren Lane
Citrus Heights, CA 95621

For additional information or to make an appointment please call Fr. Jim Strommer, CP at (916)725-4720 ext. 324.

Institute for the study of the Passion

The Passionist Community in the United States has been responsible for “preaching the Passion of Jesus” for over one hundred and fifty years.  Our proclamation of the Passion of Jesus is not only a matter of conducting missions and retreats but bonding with crucified people of every type. The Institute for the Study of the Passion addresses the theological, psychological, and spiritual aspects of Jesus crucified in the modern world.  As an educational outreach, this program is offered to both professional persons who minister in formal ways and people who seek a deeper understanding of human suffering.

The Institute offers a variety of educational programs in light of contemporary Catholic Biblical scholarship and the solid spiritual heritage of the Catholic Community in addressing a renewed consideration of the Passion of Jesus as reflected in the New Testament.   Such a study will address the practical aspects of suffering as a real part of people’s actual lives.

As we continue to proclaim Christ Crucified in the tradition of the Passionist Community’s “option for the poor” as we seek to:

  1. Study and meditate upon the Passion Narratives of the New Testament
  2. Explore the history of the Cross and Crucifix through the centuries
  3. Explore the Ecumenical / Interfaith implications of suffering
  4. Explore the contemporary issues of violence and religion
  5. Address the issues of abuse

The institute currently holds 4 series of educational opportunity in a year. Each series consists of three sets of lectures on chosen topic. The lectures are given by Fr.Tom Bonacci C.P. Visit the Event Calendar for the latest series, the topic, date and time.