Position Name Phone Email
Executive Director & Director of Ministry Fr. Giltus Mathias, C.P. 916-725-4720 Ex. 311
Associate Director of Ministry Fr. Jim Strommer, C.P.
Operations Manager & Hosted Groups Michele Ochesky 916-725-4720 Ex. 308
Hispanic Ministry Coordinator Fr.Giltus Mathias, C.P., 916-725-4720 Ex.311
Retreat Team Fr. Giltus Mathias, C.P.,
Fr. Jim Strommer, C.P.,
Fr. Tom Bonacci, C.P.,
Deacon Red Cheever,
Gwen Devereux,
Talib Huff
916-725-4720 Ex. 311
Hospitality Coordinator Kathy Smith 916-725-4720 Ex. 307
Bookkeeper Clara Gianelli 916-725-4720 Ex. 315
Development Coordinator Sandra Gill 916-725-4720 Ex. 302
Office Secretary Shirley Proaps 916-725-4720 Ex. 301
Retreat Registration Assistant Judy Dayton 916-725-4720 Ex. 314
Chef Deanna Jensen 916-725-4720 Ex. 312
Chef Jarrod Faljean 916-725-4720 Ex. 312
Facilities Manager Glen Oridales 916-725-4720 Ex. 301
Grounds Manager 916-725-4720 Ex. 301
Special Project Coordinator Perry Mejica  916-725-4720 Ex. 301
House Keeping Tina
Bookstore and Gift Shop Kathy Smith 916-725-4720 Ex. 310
Environment Michele Ochesky 916-725-4720 Ex. 308

Ladies Guild

Position Name
President Vicky Orman
First Vice-President Kathie Pitvorec
Second Vice-President Marianna (Chaun) Larocque
Secretary Lynn Bertaut
Treasurer Susan Scott
Volunteer Coordinator for Meals Dorothy La Rocco
Taize Prayer Coordinators Olivia & Talib Huff, Sandy Smith

CTK Institute for Counseling and Spiritual Direction

Position Name
Institute Director Fr. Jim Strommer, CP
Associate Director Elizabeth Evans, MA