Position Name Phone Email
Executive Director & Director of Ministry Fr. Giltus Mathias, C.P. 916-725-4720 Ex. 311
Associate Director of Ministry Fr. Jim Strommer, C.P.
Operations Manager & Hosted Groups Michele Ochesky 916-725-4720 Ex. 308
Hispanic Ministry Coordinator Fr.Giltus Mathias, C.P., 916-725-4720 Ex.311
Retreat Team Fr. Giltus Mathias, C.P.,
Fr. Jim Strommer, C.P.,
Fr. Tom Bonacci, C.P.,
Fr. Jack Conley, C.P.,
Nicolas Divine, C.P.,
Deacon Red Cheever,
Gwen Devereux,
Talib Huff
916-725-4720 Ex. 311
Hospitality Coordinator Kathy Smith 916-725-4720 Ex. 307
Bookkeeper 916-725-4720 Ex. 305
Development Coordinator Sandra Gill 916-725-4720 Ex. 302
Office Secretary Shirley Proaps 916-725-4720 Ex. 301
Retreat Registration Assistant Judy Dayton 916-725-4720 Ex. 314
Chef Deanna Jensen 916-725-4720 Ex. 312
Chef 916-725-4720 Ex. 312
Facilities Manager 916-725-4720 Ex. 301
Grounds  Nelson 916-725-4720 Ex. 301
Special Project Coordinator Perry Mejica  916-725-4720 Ex. 301
House Keeping Tina
Bookstore and Gift Shop Kathy Smith 916-725-4720 Ex. 310
Environment Michele Ochesky 916-725-4720 Ex. 308

Ladies Guild

Position Name
President Vicky Orman
First Vice-President Kathie Pitvorec
Second Vice-President Marianna (Chaun) Larocque
Secretary Lynn Bertaut
Treasurer Susan Scott
Volunteer Coordinator for Meals Dorothy La Rocco
Taize Prayer Coordinators Olivia & Talib Huff, Sandy Smith

CTK Institute for Counseling and Spiritual Direction

Position Name
Institute Director Fr. Jim Strommer, CP
Associate Director Elizabeth Evans, MA