Dear Friends,
Life has changed so quickly and our daily lives have been interrupted due to the mandates posed by the
Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We, at Christ the King have also been affected. Our thriving and
energetic onsite staff has temporarily dwindled to the bare minimum. A few staff members are
working from home and many staff members are not able to work. Retreats and events are cancelled
for the month of April. Beyond April is unclear.

We pray that you and your family are safe and well. To stay connected with our beloved community,
we have been sending daily reflections written by our retreat team. Thursday Mass is being live
streamed from the Christ the King Chapel via Facebook, presided by Fr. Jack Conley. We are also
connecting by phone. And it is through those calls that we are reminded how much CTK is in the
hearts of so many. We feel very blessed by all the loving and caring responses that we are receiving. At
the heart of it all, our retreat center would not be what it is without you.

For most of us, this Coronavirus has totally disrupted our usual way of life. Fear seems to be as
contagious as the virus itself. But we need to dig deeper into the faith we all share. This is an
opportunity to reset; a time for renewal. Our Judeo-Christian tradition invites us to regularly step
aside from our usual routines and practice Sabbath, which is a reminder that even God rested from His
labors and contemplated the beauty of His creation. While our world is experiencing a global chaos
with this pandemic, we as people of faith pause to remember as we “shelter in place.” We are God’s
beloved people. God is with us during this time of suffering. But in the spirit of Sabbath, God also rests
with us and invites us to find peace in Him and with one another. Simplifying our lives, appreciating
each other.

Here at Christ the King, we are dedicated to providing a place of rest and a time of Sabbath for all who
seek a deeper relationship with God. May we each in our own way, know that God in His Son, Jesus,
knows our suffering and abides with us always. Here is a timely and comforting quote from our
founder, St. Paul of the Cross: “Stay quietly and contentedly at home; just do the Will of God in the
work you have at hand.” May we all be safe and may God bless our world with peace.

During this challenging time, we come together to be with one another in spirit and through our
connection to God. While we are committed to be here for many generations to come, we recognize we
couldn’t do everything without your support. We are committed to you, to your relationship with God
and your continuous growth.

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for your continuous generosity throughout
the years which has helped us continue our many spiritual services to God’s people. Please prayerfully
consider making a gift to Christ the King.

We look forward to when we can be together again. God bless you!

With much gratitude,



Fr. Jim Strommer, CP          Natalie A. Svistoonoff, MPH
Director of Ministry              Executive Director


Thank you for supporting our Spring Easter Appeal during this challenging time with COVID-19. We are very appreciative of your kindness and generosity. 

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