“I can do all this through Christ who gives me strength”Phil-4:13        Fall 2020

Dear Friends,

Looking back on the year 2020, who could have predicted the profound global impact of a microscopic virus gone wild? We know we are in God’s hands, but at the same time we know how vulnerable we all are in this time of crisis.  Here at the Retreat Center, we’ve managed to move forward with your kind generosity and support.

In a world of change, people of faith look to the rock foundation on which they stand and also open themselves to whatever new ways our Loving God may be revealed to them. Do you think about your life and how God has led you? Times of trouble call us to stretch our being and strip us of our own personal identity, shaking us back to our foundation.  We’d like to ask you to reflect on the role the Retreat Center has had in your life, as you think about your being and identity.  Does the Center continue to be part of your life?

As Passionists, it is our duty to keep alive the memory of Christ’s love, profoundly shown in his Passion, Death and Resurrection. This commitment makes us keenly aware of the sufferings we see all around us in our world today, to truly be at the foot of the Cross with those in need. We, at the center, have retained the name which continues to identify us: Christ the King Passionist Retreat Center. We were established seventy years ago to minister to God’s people locally in the Diocese of Sacramento. It has been seven decades of blessings and gratitude.

But my friends, it seems to us that our identity as a “Retreat Center” may have profoundly deepened after all we have gone through.  As the world changes, so do we.  As people of faith, we look towards God’s blessing.  For some folks, particularly those who have drifted away over the years, the Retreat Center was not as vital as it was meant to be. Perhaps it was seen more as a kind of “suburban spa” for a leisurely weekend getaway. But we would hope it is clearer, now, more than ever, who we really are.  Shouldn’t we better imagine ourselves as a “safe refuge for people in need?”

Times of crisis, trouble and disturbance call us to be truly who we are, an image of God’s Love.

Our foundation at the Retreat Center has always been hospitality.  Our small staff has found a renewed identity and ministry during this time. Taking on each challenge and finding the blessings. We commit ourselves to be ministers of hospitality in this sacred place while welcoming all who seek healing, safety and peace in Christ.

As we take this opportunity to thank you for your great support of Christ the King Passionist Retreat Center, we’d like to ask you to prayerfully consider supporting our ministry and mission during these uncertain times. Your gift is extremely important because it offers immediate resources that are directed to current needs and opportunities.

May the Passion of Jesus Christ be always in our hearts!

Prayers and Blessings,

Fr. Jim Strommer, CP                              Natalie Svistoonoff, MPH
Director of Ministry                                  Executive Director


Thank you for supporting our Fall Appeal during this challenging time with COVID-19. We are very appreciative of your kindness and generosity.

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