Fall 2022

“There is in all visible things….a hidden wholeness”-Thomas Merton

Dear Friends,

Happy Autumn!

“Finding God in all things” is at the core of Ignatian spirituality and is rooted in the growing awareness
that God can be found in everyone, in every place, and in everything. When we learn to pay more
attention to God, we become more grateful and reverent, and through this we grow in holiness and
become more Christlike.

Even highway signage can be a tool for this spiritual development! “Under construction” might
remind us, for example, that we are all “under construction,” all on the path of growth in holiness. As
the bumper sticker cries, “Please be patient, God ain’t done with me yet!”
Or consider other highway postings. “Your tax dollars at work” is a message that not only informs or
instructs but could inspire us. When construction has slowed traffic-flow to a crawling, perhaps I will
be more tolerant, knowing repair and progress are underway.

So, with this missive, we wish to assure you that your Christ the King donation dollars are at work!
The Quinn Room has been beautifully restored with new carpeting, draperies, and a fresh coat of
paint. High school groups are filling the center with enthusiasm and the vibrancy of youth. And what
a joy to see engaged couples preparing spiritually for their marriage with zeal. All this growth happens
because of you.

The “Synod on Synodality,” currently unfolding around the Catholic globe, is subtitled “Communion,
Participation, and Mission.” It is obvious that you understand this call. Your generosity mirrors a
sense of communion and participation, and truly you are embracing our mission to build the
Kingdom of God. Once again, we ask your help. Please keep us and our mission in your prayers and
consider making a gift to CTK today.

And, as our retreat theme for the 2022-2023 season reminds us, “May the Passion of Jesus Christ be
always in our hearts!” God bless you!

Sincerely, in the Passion of Christ.

With much gratitude,

Fr. Jack Conley, CP                                 Natalie Svistoonoff, MPH
Director of Ministry                                Executive Director