The requested fee for the retreat program is $230 per person, single occupancy and $210 per person, double occupancy. While most people are able to pay the full fee for a retreat, no one is refused if they are unable to pay. Please contact the Retreat Center for further information.

The Center is your home during your time of retreat, so bring with you whatever will help you to feel at ease. Please dress comfortably and in a manner that respects the spiritual nature of our facility. If you would like to bring recorded music, please bring earphones so as not to disturb other retreatants. Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages.

If you have particular needs with regard to your room or diet, please make this known at the time you register for the retreat. Please call the Retreat Center as early as possible so that we can best accommodate you.

Retreatant rooms are available after 4:00 pm on the day you arrive at the Center.

The weekend retreat begins with a welcome social at 5:30 pm on Friday and concludes following lunch on Sunday.

The Midweek Retreat normally begins with a welcome social at 5:30 pm on Tuesday and concludes following the 11 am Eucharist on Thursday.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your retreat reservation. We often have a waiting list and this will help us to accommodate others who may wish to attend the retreat. If you have already paid your deposit and are able to attend another retreat during the current season, we can reserve a space for you on that retreat.

Please contact our office by phone at 916.725.4720 x301, or by email

Jesus, you invited the apostles to come away with you to a deserted place and rest a while. As Your disciple, enable me to experience You on retreat — your suffering love and tender compassion. May I come to better know myself, to draw closer to you, and to thus be of better service to my brothers and sisters in the Church. Help me to listen attentively, to ponder prayerfully, to respond generously, and to benefit from the solitude and peace. Through the intercession of Mary, Mother of Sorrows, may I go forth from my retreat as a deeply committed Christian, better able to follow Your footsteps in all the opportunities and challenges of life. Amen.


As you have returned home and settled back into routines and responsibilities, we hope that your transition went smoothly.

If you are here for further reflection, may we ask you a few questions?

How are you different?

Have you discovered Jesus on your journey?

What have you learned about the holiness of God?

We ask these three questions because our Catholic faith IS a relationship with Jesus, one who loves us so much, we become transformed and changed by that love.

If you have some time this week, we invite you to sit down with your scriptures. Find a gospel story that appeals to you. Pray with it. Ponder it. Spend time with it. And go back to the questions; as you spend time with these people, what do you learn about them? Can you find some strong parallels between them and yourself?

If you are a writer, take some time for personal journaling. If you would like to share your ponderings with someone, we here at the retreat center would love to read and appreciate them with you. Simply mail them to: Like the Jesus Scroll from last year, we are looking to do some more outstanding things with God’s help and some of your own written material.

Know of your blessedness by a God who calls you into a deeper relationship.

Leaving the quiet, contemplative space of the retreat center and going back to the demands of everyday life can be a challenge. But it is possible to keep returning to that quiet space within you, the place where you can hear God and your own spirit more clearly. Here are some steps that we find to be helpful:

  • Slow down the pace
  • Seek silence and solitude
  • Appreciate the present moment
  • Create sacred space
  • Pray and meditate
  • Be open to the movement of the Spirit
  • Gather companions for the journey
  • Rest, relax and reflect
  • Explore the wonders of creation
  • Enjoy the journey!

Some have found that rooting themselves deeper in scripture has a profound impact on their lives. We suggest a good place to start with this prayerful reflection is our own daily scripture reflection by the Passionists of Holy Cross Province. The scriptures follow the liturgical cycle and the reflections change daily. Simply click the link HERE.

For further Study:

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Reconnecting with the retreat experience
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Weekend Retreat Agenda

4:00 pm Registration begins

5:30 pm Welcome Social

6:15 pm Formal Welcome by Retreat Staff

6:30pm Dinner

7:30pm Gathering and First Conference

8:20pm prayer

8:00 am Morning Prayer

8:30 am Breakfast

9:30 am Second Conference

11:15 am Eucharist

12:00 Noon Lunch

1:15 pm Personal Time/optional Workshops

3:00 pm Reconciliation Service/Individual Conffessions

5:15 pm Conference

6:00 pm Dinner

7:15 pm Conference and Social/rest

8:00 am Morning Prayer

8:30 am Breakfast

9:30 am  Conference

11:15 am Eucharist

12:15 pm Lunch

Packing & Departure