11 Oct

Men’s Weekend April 13-15

“May the Passion of Christ be Always in our Hearts”

The word “Passion” will refer not only to the suffering and death of Jesus on the Cross but his empathy and dedication to the poor and oppressed of his time. Mark probes the “plunging” of Jesus into the brokenness of humanity. Presumably the first step along all of our spiritual paths is becoming aware, however dimly, of the numinous elements and experiences of our lives. Eventually, we come to cherish these experiences, understand our values, and, perhaps, interpret our lives according to myths and symbols inherited from our culture. The Retreat will also highlight the principles and practice of Passionist Life as it pertains to the everyday life of our retreatants, especially as we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the canonization of our Founder, St. Paul of the Cross, with the members of our greater Passionist family.

Weekend Schedule

Retreat Team                             Workshops (April 14th at 1.15 pm)

Fr. Giltus Mathias, C.P.,               1. Meet your Muslim Neighbor
Fr.Jim Strommer, C.P.,                2. Stations of the Cross
Fr. Tom Bonacci, C.P.,
Deacon Red Cheever

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